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"The combination of reality and imagination offers an interesting interaction among the characters in a stage where the lighting (Katelan Braymer, lighting designer) plays an important role. The light changes set the mood and serve as smooth transitions between scenes, highlighting the mystery, the emotions, and the supernatural aspect of the story. "

Glamour, Glamgical (November 2022) ~ Broken Story ~ Read the review

"It is quite a difficult lighting challenge, but Katelan Braymer, the designer, is up to the test and does quite an amazing job of keeping everything straight for us, as the story frequently jumps from reality, to dream world, to the past and back to the present. Kudos to her."

Dennis Sparks, All Things Performing Arts (March 2017) ~ Lydia ~ Read the review

"Lighting Designer Katelan Braymer did a marvelous job of creating mystery, separating the dancers when required, and when appropriate, assaulting our senses. I particularly liked the sudden visual attack by the fluorescent lights that startled without hurting our eyes."

Jeff Slayton, See Dance (November 2016) ~ Molecular Fuel ~ Read the review

"Lighting Designer Katelan Braymer and Production Coordinator Amy Oden manage to bring all of these visual elements together into one outstanding whole.  Nothing here is left unfinished. No detail is ignored. The choreography, the performances, the videos, music and the lighting are beautifully rehearsed and developed to near perfection."

Jeff Slayton, See Dance (August 2016) ~ TROPHY ~ Read the review

"Katelan Braymer did a beautiful job of literally changing the look, feel and depth of the Parish space with her lighting."

Jeff Slayton, See Dance (April 2017) ~ JACK ~ Read the review

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